Vaya Fauna

The first talent show with phenomenal animals
Talent    6 x 120'    TELECINCO (SPAGNA)

The show will feature dogs that dance, by themselves or with their owners, or even dogs that ride on skateboards, parrots that sing operas, cats that play the piano and so much more. Vaya Fauna is a unique show that is new, fun, surprising, and moving.

In each episode 10 animals will compete. After each performance the judges will assign a score between 1-4. At the end of each episode the best two performances will be announced. Those animals will move on to the semifinals. The public will then decide which animals to assign to each judge. Each judge will then act as ‘godmother’ or ‘godfather’ to 3 animals in the semifinals. Only four animals will move on to the finals. The public has the exclusively decides the show’s winner.

This TV format produced by DueB debuted in Spain on Telecinco. The first episode, which aired primetime, obtained a 19% share.

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