Monster Garage

A Monster Life
Factual    24'   

An exceptional team and extraordinary cars

Inside an exceptional car shop, we’ll follow an equally original team of mechanics as they transform a run of the mill cars into dream cars. With each transformation their goal is to satisfy even the most absurd requests from their clients with creativity, talent, and most of all passion.

In each episode the cameras will tell a story of a job commissioned by one of their clients. The combined efforts of all the members of the team plus their passion for cars is what got them involved in this extravagant world of monster cars.

After meeting with the client the team gets together to discussion the work to be done and how to comply with the established deadline. The confessionals will allow viewers to closely follow how the team handles the job at hand, including moments of tension caused by unexpected complications that could cause major delays. Each episode ends with the delivery of the car and an encounter with the happy customer.

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